Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My To-Do List Is Winning

Ahhhhhhh! I'm a little stressed!
Lately I feel like my to-do list is getting longer and longer but i'm not actually getting anything accomplished. I just had a four day weekend and going into it i had a plan to do so many things. Like clean the house, do some Christmas shopping, level my DnD character, plan our St Louis trip, put together a healthier eating plan (this one has been on the to-do list for over a month now!), read my book club book, blog, and put up the Christmas decorations. However, Sunday came along and i had accomplished pretty much nothing. I found myself asking "where did the time go"? So i decided i should print out (yes, on paper) a calendar and get a visual idea of what my upcoming schedule was looking like so i could find some time to dedicate to my ever growing to-do list. I just got through the first week and immediately saw the problem. (See photo to the left) My social calendar is a little busy! I have something going on every night for the next two weeks except for 2 days! I love my friends and i'm not complaining but how can i ever start checking off my to-do list if i'm not home long enough to do anything? (Especially since sleep takes priority over everything.) Also, I have things i want to add to the list, like running 3 times a week instead of 2, a Yoga class, catching up on books outside of book club, and learn to knit (random!) but i can never find time! Then to make things worse, i start feeling so overwhelmed that when i do have a day to myself, all i want to do it loaf around and relax so i accomplish nothing. A cycle that just keeps getting worse. Something has got to change! I either need to become a highly motivated person that goes 100mph on very little sleep or i need to start planning out my days/weeks better and sometimes prioritizing not-so-fun things like cleaning the kitchen or putting shelves in the garage. Since, as i said before, sleep tends to take priority over everything then i'm going to go for option #2.

My game plan is to leave December just how it is and just do the best i can to get through the holiday chaos and then start fresh in January. Luckily this is our slow time at work so i can actually take a lunch break to do personal things and i can leave close to on time. I don't know why but I love the idea of New Year's resolutions. 2 years ago i made a few, blogged about them and my progress, and felt pretty successful and just overall good about myself but this year i made a list (late) and then didn't even think about them again so needless to say it was a big fat fail. So i'm going to be prepared for 2012! I've already started my list of resolutions and just need to flesh them out a little more. I'm super excited because I like goals. Nothing feels better than setting a challenging goal and then meeting or exceeding that goal. I'm a little bit of a dork that way.  Now, if only i could get that enthusiastic about my weight loss goal... >.<

So look for this hurdle to be on my upcoming resolutions list and if anyone has any advice for balancing work/personal-necessity/personal-fun/social activities, please share! The internet and I would greatly appreciate it!!

As a side note: For some reason i had to fight really hard not to start every sentence with "So" in this blog for some reason... i think my brain is fried and i need some of that oh-so-lovely sleep. Also, i drank some Sleepy Time tea but i really didn't think it would have any affect. Guess i was wrong.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Doughnuts, Now Without The Shame!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I went through and labeled all post either "Fitness" or "Non-Fitness". If you want to read them all, that is great but i know that some people don't care about all the fitness mumbo jumbo that i put on here so now, you can just click "Non-fitness" and it will filter out all those darn healthy post. Then, you can read crazy Stacy posts while eating your doughnuts without feeling any shame! (I say this while i cram a cinnamon roll in my mouth...)

Happy Reading!