Friday, March 14, 2008


I was going to post a sample of a brochure I have been working on at work to bounce some ideas off people but it cuts half of the image off... I'm going to pick James' brain about this and hopefully get it posted soon! Stay tuned!

Stacy, retarded? Maybe.

Have you ever laughed at your own joke and not realized it was your joke?
Let me explain...
So I'm picking my friend Beth up in Atlanta today and as we were coordinating it I wrote her an email that had a subject line of "HOTlanta here we come!" Well when she replied it kept the same subject line of course (and Gmail doesnt put the "RE:" infront of it in your inbox) and so when I was opening the email I read the subject line and thought "haha beth is so funny" then there was a brief pause and then I thought "wait a minute...I wrote that!" Then I laughed at myself for not realizing that in the beginning. I told James about it and his first reaction was "why did you think that subject line was so funny?" so then I realized that the subject line itself wasnt even that funny soooooo I think I might be mildly retarded at the ripe ole age of 25.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Catching Up

O man! Where to begin?! I have been meaning to write a blog FOREVER but could never find the time. I actually have stuff to do at work now and that is where I used to do all my blogging. When I get home I don't even like to look at the computer because I'm in front of it all day. Anyways so this is going to be a little jumpy cause I'm going to try to cover a lot of points.

First I would like to brag a little and say that today I was able to get into a pair of pants that were previously too small! woot! now just....tons more to go...aww. I had hit a plateau for a while but then I saw these My Alli pills at Wal-mart and decided to give them a try. In case you don't know anything about them they are the only FDA approved diet pill and they don't speed up your heart or give you the jitters or make you feel not hungry to you don't eat. They simply bond with the fat so your body can't absorb it. Sure that also keeps you from absorbing some vitamins too so you take a multi-vitamin at night when the pill is out of your system. I feel a lot better about my self.

I moved up to Hard on Rock Band! I'm only playing BASS on hard right now but it is a start and I am proud! I didn't think I could ever use the orange button. Also I have been singing better too but that might be me just getting used to the singing system cause I don't think my actual singing is any better....and James will agree. ha!

It is almost moving time! We close on the 21st and then move in the next weekend! I am soooo excited. I just hope I can keep the place looking at nice as the current owner. I am going to have to give up some social time for some yard time. Owning a house means it is time to grow up.I am also worried about Argos messing up the yard but hopefully he will run so much that he wears himself out. He can't wait either.

James and I registered for gifts yesterday and it was a lot of fun! I am horrible at style so I hope it all looks good when it comes together! We are registered at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Also gift cards to Lowe's is appreciated because there will be several home repairs to be done.

Go here...
They have these cool rubber stamps that you can customize. We are getting one that has our address on it so we can stamp letters instead of using return labels. They are awesome!

TVA credit union got new debit cards and they are U-G-L-Y!! They are red and yellow with a see through purple center! gag!

Kamiya is still the cutest kid ever. I'm really amazed at how good she is. She just goes with the flow and smiles at everything. I hope if I have a kid it is that good and fun.

WHY IS IT STILL COLD?! Knoxville weather sucks a butt! It gets warm and teases you with 70 degree weather and then BAM the very next day it is freezing! it is sooo frustrating.

Have you ever noticed your taste just changing? One day you don't like tomato soup, the next day you do. Just like that! It almost seems like everything I have ever known for sure has changed. I'm talking music, food, friends, hobbies, everything! People have gone that I thought would be around forever and new people have come around. This is hard for me because I see those people slipping away and have no idea how to stop it. I miss them already and they are only getting further out of site. I used to dislike any band that had a female singer but now several dominate my iphone. Lucero, who I was a dedicated follower of, came to town last night and I had nothing to do but I still didn't go. Yet here I sit listening to Coheed and Cambria and hated them the first 500 times James made me listen to them. I thought at 25 I was pretty close to settling in my ways but apparently I'm just beginning to figure them out.

I'm thinking about going back to school for accounting. I am so glad I didn't go into a technical writing job right out of college. I do some at work and boy is it taking me a while to get my creative gears going. I would have been fired in the first week! I totally made the wrong choice in school. I love math and I had actually planned on going into math but the only thing UT had was math teacher and I knew I couldn't do that cause my grades were el suck o. So for some reason I picked a major I can barely speak. stupid stupid stupid. At work I have been doing some accounting and it has just made me realize how much i love it. I think an associates is good enough to get going in accounting so that wouldn't be so bad...maybe after the wedding.

O, the wedding... Now I am starting to get worried. I'm afraid it wont be good enough. That the food will be bad or there wont be enough entertainment so it will be boring. O well at least people will get to see Norris Dam, it's so purty.

I don't think I really touched on anything that I wanted to, I will have to start writing down the subjects but for now me and my smaller pants must do somethings around the house!