Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chick-fil-a should be a standard!

The older I get the more I think about how scary fast food is. James and I have been talking about this lately. It seems when we do go fast food the people working there seems a little...shady...or something. They are rarely well groomed, more times then not have a poor attitude, and their intelligence is highly questionable. We went to Hardees this past weekend and noticed their health dept score was 79, and as if that wasn’t bad enough that was the follow up! How low can these people go without being closed down?!!?! I was really in the mood for good biscuit and gravy so we stayed but after we ordered we noticed that NO ONE was wearing gloves! The lady beside me asked if they were hiring and the shift manager (who was running the register not supervising) said they had just fired about 6-7 people last week so they do need people. James and I figured they were fired because of the horrible health dept score and that made us feel better, at least they were taking action. Then as we were leaving we saw the date on the score was October 2007! So what else happened that cause the manager to basically fire half the workers?! Scary! (Incase you were wondering the food still tasted good though)

I think I might start keeping a log of various fast food places. I'm going to report their scores, the quality of service received (friendliness, willingness to help), quality of product received (food or item), and general observations (no gloves, neatness, etc...). I worked in retail for 7-8 years so I see myself as knowing enough to be a fair judge of these things.

The next place I would like to complain about it NTB (National Tire and Battery). Of course all car places are going to be jerks but I have been going to NTB for about 3 years now and I have always been pleased with their service. However, I had a blow out on the interstate in December and had to get 2 new front tires. The first thing I noticed was they had taken their prices off the wall. Anytime a business does not have a printed list of services it seems fishy to me. Then the guy tried to get me to buy these tires that were $20 more each claiming they were the best tires. The ones I had picked to buy had so many miles they were guaranteed so I asked about these tires he was suggesting and he said they don’t offer a guarantee because they don’t believe in their product. So the product he suggested doesn’t believe in their own products? Good job guy... Next he tries to sell me a lifetime balance and rotate that is like $14 and it lasts until I ditch these tires. From being a previous customer I knew they offered free rotation so I asked and he denied this service. They could have changed that service but I was suspicious so I called the other NTB location beside West Town and they said they still offered free rotations. So needless to say I will not be going back to NTB. However my story does NOT end here! I had a coupon for a 12.99 oil change and James took my car while I was at work and when he told the guy he had a coupon the guy immediately said "that coupon is only valid on Thurs and Fri". Of course it said nothing of the sort on the coupon but then James quickly responded "it doesn’t say that on the coupon AND IT IS THURSDAY!!" and slams it on the counter (good job, honey! I'm so proud!). There is apparently a new manager there named bucky or something like that and he is horrible! He is the guy that lied to be and I bet he was the guy that tried to lie to James. NEVER GO TO NTB at Knoxville Center Mall!! Anyone know a decent mechanic?!

I bet money that Chick-fil-A has never had a health dept score that was under 90 nor offered bad service! They always say "my pleasure" and more importantly give you as many nugget sauces as you want WITHOUT charging! They even stand up for what they believe in by being closed on Sundays and still are making tons of money!

Why are other fast food places allowed to get by with such crappy service and standards?!