Monday, September 17, 2007

It Begins Here and Now


I'm new here. /wave

I'll be straight forward, I am starting this to ramble and ramble and ramble. I guess that is all blogs are good for anyways... expressing opinions and getting things off your chest. Lately I have found myself needing to talk but not to anyone in particular. I have great family and friends that would listen to me until the end of days but for some reason that's not what I'm looking for. Sure, I could open up Word and just ramble away there but I think there is just something about having your words out there for people to read that makes the difference. Is it the thrill of what might be commented back? or maybe the chance that your words could make a difference in a person's life, even if it was just one. Or maybe people just need to be heard even if they are not saying anything important. For whatever reason blogs offer a satisfaction that is unlike anything else.

I do not have much experience with blogs. I wrote a few things on Myspace but that is it and I still managed to learn a very important fact about blogs. They can cause drama. Anytime someone writes a blog in an atmosphere like Myspace they have to be careful about what they write because everyone they know will be reading it. This is why I chose to come to and not tell anyone about it. I want somewhere that I can write freely about anything or anyone and not cause any problems...I want a place to think.