Wednesday, January 23, 2008

People can be so Immoral

So here I sit pissed...let me tell you why!

While at work today I get a call from a lady who says she is from the Yellow Pages Online Directory and wants to verify our information. I say OK. She reads off our info and there is one minor change but the rest is correct. She said I have to talk to an automated system to confirm the changes. She puts on the recording and talks over it! I ask her not to talk over the recording but she continues anyway saying she is summarizing what the recording is saying. The last question she says is to confirm the changes but I catch the recording saying so I answer "no". She restarts the recording and tells me that it was just an ad. I tell her I don't feel comfortable saying yes to something that I think is signing me up for a service. She then tells me to just say "Yes-free service only" So I agree to that and when i say it she stops the machine from recording me after i only get out "yes..."!! (it made a beep when she stopped it) Then she says "A lot of people get confused about that ad at the end. Don't worry I couldn't sign you up for the service if you wanted to, I don't have that power." Then ends the call. I immediately go to the website, call their customer service and tell them what happened. The rep looks up my number and says the lady DID sign me up for a website service!!! The rep said she removed me but can I really trust a company that KNOWINGLY gives their employees the power to 1. talk over the recording and 2. stop the recording whenever they want even though the system says to push #. I reported the problem to the BBB, which they already have an F rating with.
This makes me SOOOOO incredibly angry. It is one thing is I stupidly fall into a trap but to say you are with a different company, deny what is really happening when i ask right out, AND manipulate my answers to scam me, that is just wrong.

Does anyone else know a way to report a scam like this?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Evil turned Pleasure

I'm sure everyone has said I'm going to start working out and then they do for 2 weeks, maybe even a month and then something ALWAYS comes up and they quit. Well I'm no stranger to that routine. I went to UT for 5 years where the gym membership was INCLUDED in the tuition and I still found reasons not to go (granted we didn't get the nice gym til a little later on). This New Years I made the same ole resolution, along with getting rid of clutter, and for some reason it feels GOOD.
I know, I know I'm still in the first month so it still has time to go downhill...Well maybe if YOU weren't so negative it wouldn't go downhill! How about that? (Kidding!) but seriously how about some support this go-round? It would be nice to have being saying "Good decision Stacy" instead of "You'll never stick to it".
Anyways back to what I was really trying to say. I started working out on Jan 7th officially and have been kicking butt ever since! I started easy with walking on the treadmill cause I was horribly sick but then I graduated to the elliptical and finally i got to my favorite, jogging on the treadmill. The first time I tried I ran for 7 mins then walked for 3 then ran for 5 and thought I was going to DIE! The second time I ran for 7 walked for 3 and ran for 7 (see that increase? o yea!) and since im a presistant mofo the THIRD time I ran for 10!!!!!! walked for 3 then ran another 7!
The first 10 was a whole mile! (I also increased my speed from 5.5 to 6.5)
I just kept going and it felt good. I'm finally digging this exercise thing.

Honestly, I blame my new workout pants.

Progress-to-Date: down 4lbs!

It's me again Margaret

When I first started this blog I wasn't going to tell anyone about it and I was going to use it to get things off my chest that I didn't really want to tell anyone but then I wrote a few blogs and found that afterwards i just wanted to talk to people about them and i really didn't have anything to write that i didn't want people to see so I've decided to go public! i know i know exciting eh? I'm sure I will get 500 clicks within the hour of people continuing checking to see what is the next exciting article to come out of Stacy's mind! Also my hubby-to-be bought for me so now it will be easy for all my loyal followers to....umm...follow.

I hope blogger can handle the traffic.