Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Well....His Name IS Argos

For those of you who don't know this is where the name Argos comes from....

"In Greek mythology, Argos was Odysseus' faithful dog. He waited for his master's return to Ithaca for over twenty years while most presumed Odysseus dead." - Wikipedia

We chose the name Argos in hopes that he would be a loyal dog to us. Since he never listens to a darn word we say we chalked our idea up to a loss.

As most know we recently moved out to a property that has 2 acres around our house and then another 15 to the left (not ours) that is wooded and perfect for roaming. When we brought Argos over for the first time he ran and ran and ran until he literally couldn't take another step. It eventually got dark so James and I went inside for the night. We crossed our fingers that we would be able to find our dog in the morning. To our surprise he was laying right in front of the door faithfully waiting for us to return.

Then came the true test... we had to go to work. He chased our cars a little down the road but as we lost sight he just stopped and stared in our direction. (it was so heart breaking). Again when we came home we held our breath that he hadn't tried to find his way back to his old house. To our surprise we again found him patiently waiting in the porch for our return.

While there is evidence that he wonders while we are away (always a new pile of sticks on the porch), he always finds his way back before we wake/get home so he can loyally block the door so we can't open it...i mean, to faithfully greet us upon arrival.

So maybe he does live up to his name after all.