Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Future of my Blog

Just a heads up. I have 2 changes in the works for my blog:

1. New style!!
We have a new website in the works that will combine mine and my husband's blog. Currently our plan is to make the Home page a general news area for both of us and then we will have a tab for my blog, james' blog, and one for photos. So far it is looking pretty sleek! I just need James to show me how to operate it...

2. Expand a little.
When i started this blog (this time) I intended for it to solely be a way to track my resolutions and so far I have done just that. But as I look at others' blogs and just as a look over my own I realize I should share other things too. I want to. Even I get tired of reading only about this resolution stuff so i know everyone else must be tired of it too! (if anyone else even reads this still...)

So there ya go. 2 new things to look forward to! (or dread, haha)


I have been a bad (lazy), bad (okay, really lazy) person! Tomorrow would make a whole month without me blogging. Not only have I not been blogging, I have also not been tracking calories or really been working out either! Here's my story:

My week 4 started like any other week and then Tuesday came along and it all went to heck in a hand basket.

Sunday: Worked out like normal
Monday: Normal Rest Day
Tuesday: Skipped Yoga because of Lost Premiere and dinner with friends
Wednesday: Skipped working out - dinner/tasks at Parent's house
Thursday: Skipped Yoga - worked late
Friday: Skipped working out - DnD night!
Saturday: planned to skip workout to go to JC and then ended up helping the MIL all day.

After a week of my workout plans being obliterated I honestly got a little depressed. It was mostly out of my control and i knew i shouldn't have let it get me down but it did. Then I didn't feel like planning a meal plan for week 5 so i didn't and everything just went downhill from there.

Here I am at week 7, by now i should have lost about 14 pounds and instead i have lost 9.2. There is one tiny good thing that has come of this. I seem to understand health eating a little better now. Even though i haven't tracked calories or stuck to my workout schedule for 4 weeks now I have still lost week every week except one and that week i stayed the same. Here is the breakdown:

Week 1 - 3.2
Week 2 - 2.2
Week 3 - 1
Week 4 - .6 (hey every little bit counts! ha!)
Week 5 - .8
Week 6 - 0
Week 7 - 1.4

So obviously I was a lot more successful when i was tracking and working out but at least, i think, this shows that I understand healthy eating a little better than i used to.

Does this mean I'm just going to wing it from here on out? HELL NO!! I'm getting back on the wagon tomorrow. This is going to be a little different though because James has decided he wants to cook some so I wont have as much control over what i eat for dinner but i told him to keep it under 500 calories if possible. I still have full control over breakfast and lunch though.

As of yesterday my back problems have started up again because I have been skipping yoga. So i HAVE to start going again. I can not afford a chiropractor right now since we found out we OWE taxes this year!! (suck!)

As a little incentive to get back on track to lose weight we booked a cruise for May!! My goal is to lose 15 pounds by our cruise. At a realistic estimate of 2 pounds a week that should be totally obtainable! Yay! Wish me luck! /fingers crossed

Now...I know what you are thinking... "Stacy, i thought this Resolution thing wasn't suppose to be about losing weight. That was just suppose to be an added bonus". Well you are right. That is true. But let's me honest here, I was just trying to trick myself into not getting depressed if my weight loss didn't go as planned and let's face it I proved that didn't work in week 4. I shouldn't have been concerned with the fact that ALL my workouts were canceled in week 4 but I was. I woke up Friday (my weigh in day) dreading the scale and luckily I had still lost .6 pounds but I still felt like a failure because i had done so well the weeks before and i let it affect my motivation. I think that goes to show that this "healthy eating" side of this resolution thing is very much about weight loss and a little bit about being healthier in general (i.e. back issues, endurance, etc).

Speaking of Resolutions... i really need to start working on some of the other ones...