Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No Fastfood and Killer Workouts


So, i'd like to say that i haven't been posting because i've just been so busy kicking butt that i haven't had time but quite the opposite is the case. I haven't been focusing on eating healthy at all so there hasn't been anything to post. :(

I guess it was about the end of January that i fell off the "eating healthy wagon" and i didn't just fall off and get a few bruises. I completely forgot to tuck and roll and ended up with some broken bones. I was seriously depressed for a good 2 weeks. Depression of any sort is very unusual for me but i just couldn't shake the feeling. I had just let myself down and i was just completely and utterly disappointed in myself. I have failed at my fair share of diets but this was different. I would be sitting there and consciously telling myself "i shouldn't be eating this" or "i'm full, i should stop here" but i would just keep cramming stuff in my mouth until i was well beyond miserable. I just wanted to cry. I have never been that out of control in my life. It was a weird feeling and honestly kind of scary. I don't know what caused me to constantly binge eat but thankfully it has passed.

I was talking with my very healthy-eating conscious friend, Mat, about how upset i was with myself for continuing to fail and he pointed out that i was trying to go from nothing to SUPER HEALTHY EATER overnight. He suggested i make baby steps and slowly adjust to a healthier eating lifestyle. So, he made me promise to not eat fastfood for a month. A WHOLE month! I reluctantly agreed. Here i am 5 days later and i feel good!! I find that even when i over eat, i don't feel sluggish and just all around crappy like i did after eating fastfood.

The downfalls are that it is more expensive and more time consuming to not eat fastfood. That is true if you eat at home or eat out. I've also had to think outside the box sometimes. On my running days i definitely don't have time to cook and it is often too late to go to a restaurant but Mat pointed out that there is an CO-OP organic Market on my way home that has a hot bar so i can quickly grab something there for dinner instead of going through a drive thru somewhere. One hurdle i see in the distance is taking food over to friend's houses for TV shows. Previously we would grab KFC or Chick-fil-a but now what do we do?? For this first week we are going to take the take-n-bake pizza, Papa Murphy's, but i have no idea what to do for week two? I'll have to talk to my "food coach". haha

To go along with this new fastfoodless lifestyle, my work has started a lunch time workout group to go along with out Biggest Loser contest. So not only am i running 2 days a week but now i will be working out at least 4. I'm pretty excited to have some people to workout with. To keep me motivated and accountable. Today was just day 2 but i am already so sore i can barely walk up stairs. The lead guy really kick our butts. I like it! Bring on the burn! (Am i insane?!)

I'm excited to see how i feel after giving up fastfood for a month and increasing my workouts. Will i even be able to tell a difference? Will i ever go back to fastfood?? Will i survive the stairs?? I'll report back mid-March!


P.S. Have no fear! I didn't mean i won't post again until mid-March... just meant i will review this subject again at that time. :)