Sunday, February 10, 2013

Square Cake is Boring

Today is my 7 year old niece's birthday. She is a fantastic kid. She IS a little bit of a Diva but I think she is really smart and loving.

When it came time to eat her rectangular birthday sheet cake, she wanted to cut it herself so we let her. She cut the first piece in a triangle. Everyone's first response was to tell her that she was doing it wrong and the pieces should be square.

But I thought about it and why should the pieces be square? So I told her to continue cutting them however she wanted. So she did. The rest of the pieces mostly resembled triangles as well.

I thought it was great. I don't know who decided cake pieces should be square but who cares?! Everyone got a piece, they got the size they wanted, and they didn't taste any different than boring square pieces.

Okay, I admit watching kids do things "their way" before they learn the "normal way" is pretty awesome. Good thing all our friends just had kids. :P